A Tree Fell on Your Car — What You Need to Do Next

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Waking up one morning and discovering that a tree fell on your car overnight is not a good start to anyone’s day. Fallen trees can cause a lot of damage to cars. It can include shattered windows, a caved-in roof, and even mechanical damage — a tree falling on your car could cause as much damage as a car accident.

Regardless of how a tree wound up on your car, it is now your responsibility to deal with it. It is an unfortunate and unfair circumstance.

So, what do you do with a totaled car that you are not financially prepared for? Read below to learn about your options.

Does Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

Natural disasters and events that cause damage to vehicles are defined as “acts of God” by insurance agencies. That is because they are random, impossible to predict, and no person is liable for the damage. Thus, there is no third party to place the financial burden.

As a result, a fallen tree is not covered by basic insurance plans. You might think that because you were not at fault that you should be covered. However, this is not the case as a tree does not carry insurance that would help cover your repairs.

The only way your insurance provider would assist with the damage is if you purchased a comprehensive insurance policy. This type of coverage will cover repairs or vehicle replacement after you reach your deductible. Without it, you are completely responsible for the repairs.

Cost Of Repairing Fallen Tree Damage

Your first thought upon seeing your tree-damaged car is that now you need to find some way to repair it. If this is a brand-new car, then you might think that if you don’t fix it then you just wasted thousands of dollars.

Repairing fallen tree damage is one option. However, you must take into consideration the extent of the damage and if the cost of repairs will be worth it.

Car repairs of all types can be pricey, especially if you need multiple components fixed or replaced. If the damage that the fallen tree caused is only cosmetic, it might be worth spending several hundred dollars to fix the dents and scratches.

However, if any of your repairs are mechanical or involve getting new parts, you might need to do some calculating. If you have a new car, you may be able to justify the expensive repairs because all of the other vehicle components are new, functional, and have value. On the other hand, if you have an old car nearing 100,000 miles and it sustained serious damage, you may want to consider selling it instead.

Repairs are not always the answer and may harm you more than help you financially.

Can I Sell A Totaled Car?

While it may sound crazy to some, it is completely possible to sell a totaled car. However, your buyers will likely not be typical car buyers.

Drivers looking to get a good deal on a used car without going through a dealership often look for cars for sale in the private market. However, these buyers are looking for a gently used car, not a totaled one.

You will have to be more precise with your search for the right buyers. Mechanics and car enthusiasts will likely be your best bet for getting rid of your car and receiving payment for it.

Alternatively, you can sell your salvage car to a junkyard. Eventually, all cars wind up at a place like that. There, they are stripped down and disassembled.

However, not all junkyards are the same. Most will only pay you for the scrap metal in your car. This means that any unique or expensive extras you have inside will simply be tossed.

On the other hand, certain salvage yards will pay you for other types of materials found on your car including copper, rubber, glass, and textiles.

Moreover, you can part out your tree-damaged car and sell all of the intact components separately. Then, the remaining scrap metal can be sold at a junkyard. However, this can be labor-intensive and dangerous if you don’t have mechanical skills.

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