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What to Do With A Wrecked Car After An Accident?

We receive many messages starting with “I wrecked my car, and I don’t know what to do with it." Here is the overview for those of you who recently had a car collision and have many unanswered questions regarding the value of your vehicle and what to do with it.

Getting into a serious car accident is a terrifying ordeal for anyone. It gets even worse if your car is totally destroyed beyond repair and you are left wondering what to do next.

Luckily, if your car is totaled in an accident, you have a few options on how to deal with it.

A vehicle is “totaled" when the cost of the required repairs to get it back on the road exceeds the remaining value of the car. What makes a vehicle “totaled" varies from vehicle to vehicle. An expensive car may get into a serious accident and not get totaled, while an old clunker might end up totaled after what seems like a minor accident. Only your insurance adjuster knows how to total a vehicle, so you will have to wait until they confirm your vehicle is totaled before deciding on the next step.

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When your vehicle is totaled, your insurer takes possession of the vehicle and pays you for its replacement cost, essentially purchasing it from you as it is instead of paying for repairs. If they do this, they usually sell it for scrap car prices without considering any additional investments you may have made to the car.

Wrecked Car Buyers – Which Places Buy Crashed Cars Near Me?

In order to sell your wrecked car, you will have a couple of options at hand.

There are the usual suspects – car yards. That can be salvage yards, auto wrecking yards, scrap yards, junk yards – most of these terms can be used interchangeably. At local junk yards, you won’t get the best possible deal for your car, and it might be a bit time consuming.

You can try with private wrecked car buyers. These are usually enthusiasts, mechanics, hobbyists or such that will purchase a damaged vehicle, and repair it to try and sell it later on at a higher price. Or keep it for themselves.

You can also try online car buying services like this one. You will typically get the best of both worlds here: a higher buying price and free removal without question.

Our service works easily, and we’ll explain the steps to trading in your vehicle in the next section.

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Can I trade in my Wrecked Car to a dealer?

In theory, “yes." The problem; however, is that most of the used and new car dealers don’t know how to estimate the value of your “less-than-perfect" car accurately. If you are looking for the fair market value of your damaged vehicle, your typical car dealers may not be your best option.

Steps to Take to Trade in Your Wrecked Car for Cash

The whole process of selling your wrecked car to takes just a few days to complete. We’re a service specific to trading wrecked cars for cash.

Step #1 – Get Your Offer

The first step to getting cash for your wrecked car is to receive an offer. We will ask you a few simple questions about the make, model, year, and conditions of your car; then our system will analyze the damage of your vehicle and spit out an offer.

Step #2 – Confirmation & Ownership Verification

After you’ve been given an offer, you’ll be contacted by one of our associate buyers. They will ask for pictures to confirm the severity of the damage, and adjust the offer if needed. If the damage is lighter than anticipated – you might even get a higher offer!

Once that stage is complete, we’d just need to make sure the title of the car is under your name, as that will be necessary to transfer ownership of the vehicle. If not, we’ll run you through the steps of switching the title so that it is under your name (the person that is selling it).

Step #3 – Removal & Payment

The last (and definitely not the least important) step is to have your car picked up and get paid. We will coordinate with you the details of the pick up, such as, location of the vehicle, best time of day, and which date would work best to arrange the removal.

We will give you the full amount as agreed to on the phone, and this will not change at the time of pick up, and then we’ll take the vehicle with us.

That simple. That easy. Does that satisfy your question of which places buy wrecked cars?

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