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Sell a high mileage car

How To Sell My High Mileage Car

Looking for the best offer for your high mileage car? Find out what you need to know if you're selling a vehicle with 100,000 miles or more.

examining damaged suspension

If My Suspension Is Damaged, Is My Car Totaled?

Does a damaged suspension mean a totaled car, or is there still a chance to repair your vehicle? WeBuyTotaledCars can help.

tree fallen on car

If A Tree Fell On My Car, Is It Totaled?

If a tree falls on your car, is it totaled, or could the damage be minor enough to shake off with a few repairs? WeBuyTotaledCars breaks down the cost of a tree falling on your car and what you can expect from your insurance company.

how much does it cost to fix a bent frame

Is My Car Totaled If My Frame Is Bent?

Is a car with a bent frame automatically totaled, or can you repair it and keep going? WeBuyTotaledCars explains how a bent frame affects your car's value.

is car totaled if airbags deploy

If My Airbags Deploy, Is My Car Considered A Total Loss?

Can airbag deployment total a car, or will your insurance company pay for repairs? Find out with WeBuyTotaledCars.

california total loss threshold

When Is A Car Considered A Total Loss In California?

At what point will your car insurance company declare your vehicle a total loss in California? Find out the formula for salvage value calculation here at WeBuyTotaledCars.

tow yard storage fees

What Are The Average Tow Yard Fees?

Before you call a tow yard to take your vehicle, make sure you understand what average tow yard storage fees look like and what you can expect to be charged. WeBuyTotaledCars has the answers.

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