Can I Sell Parts From My Totaled Car?

You have a totaled car and are not sure what that actually means. What are your options with that car? Can you sell parts from that car? What about the spare and the tools that come with it? We are here to clarify what is the best option for you when it comes to your totaled car.

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First off, the term ‘totaled’ is one that insurance companies use to describe a vehicle that will cost more to repair than the car is actually worth. It is also considered ‘total loss’ if your car seems unsafe to repair. There are also different state standards when it comes to identifying when a car is totaled. So, for example, one state might say that a totaled car is one that costs 50% of its worth to repair, while another might say it's 100%.

When your insurance company pays you for your totaled car, they take into account the costs of towing and storage fees. Any cash leftover goes to you. If it is a leased car or a car you have payments on, the cash will go to the dealership directly. There is something you can get call ‘gap insurance’ to help protect you from having to pay off a totaled car if it is financed.

So About The Parts

In short, yes, you can sell parts from your totaled car but only if you don’t give the rights to your insurance company. Once they have it, there is nothing you can do. They will own everything in the car including stereos, the spare, and the tools with it. Salvaging it yourself would take time but could be a worthwhile venture.

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We Do, In Fact, Specialize in Totaled Cars

WeBuyTotaledCars was founded on the idea of making selling your totaled, junk, or wrecked car a hassle-free process. To do this, we needed to build a network of salvage, junk, and recycling yards across the nation. We managed to cover most of the continental United States. We are still growing to this day and will continue to do so as long as we give satisfactory service.

You can imagine how we got our name. We thought “What’s the best way to get the message across that we buy totaled cars?" We realized later that we also buy junk, wreck, and overall less-than-perfect cars.

Sell Your Totaled Car

The process is simple. You can either call or click on one of the many “Get An Offer” buttons found around the website. Once you click on the “Get An Offer” button you will be directed to an online form where you will give us a few details about your car such as the year, make, model, and any damage your car may have. Our car calculator will give you an instant offer and you can accept it right then and there.

However, one of our car evaluation experts will call you and ask you to send us a few pictures of your car. You can send them through text or email with your smartphone or computer. More often than not your offer will go up once we get these pictures! You can schedule a pick-up from there and even have your car picked up within 24 to 48 hours from the moment you accept your offer.

What About The Towing Fees?

Totaled Car Insurance Payout

Towing fees and any costs like that, in general, can really bog down the amount of money you actually make. So when we sign a partner to our network it’s always under the condition that our towing is free. In fact, our entire service is free. You can get the quote and it’s free, no obligation, and the towing is free as well. You don’t pay a dollar throughout the whole affair!

We know that hidden fees are a dread when it comes to anything like selling your car and we didn’t want to create a service that was just good, we wanted it to be great!

Sell Car For Parts

If you have a totaled car and don’t want to deal with fees and insurance companies undercutting what your car is actually worth then give us a try. Remember, it’s no obligation so if you don’t feel comfortable then you can always back out. If you are skeptical of how our service works, you can check out some of our reviews on TrustPilot and Google Reviews to see first-hand accounts of selling your car with us. Get a quote for your totaled car, no obligation, today!

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