How do I Get My Totaled Car Estimated for Free?

When a car is totaled, that simply means the cost of repairs have come close to or exceeded to cost to simply replace the vehicle. With a totaled car, your insurer is going to pay you the car’s estimated book value instead of the cost of repairs. So calculating how much damage to total a car really depends on the value of the car itself.

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A $4,000 repair bill will sometimes “total” a $5,000 car (since the bill exceeds 75% of the car’s value), but the same repair bill will be covered by insurance in the case of a newer $20,000 car. The standards for totaling a car will depend on your insurer and sometimes upon state laws themselves.

Today, we’re going to take a deeper look into how totaled cars are valued, how much you can expect to get back for yours, and what’s involved if you decide to sell a wrecked car …

How Much Will I Get for my Totaled Car?

If you’re wondering “how much is my totaled car worth?” That will also depend on insurance valuations and other factors. Your insurer is obligated to provide you with the “replacement value of the car,” which is however much you’d pay to buy an exact copy of your car.

Of course, no two used cars are created equal, so your insurer will look at comparable sales, book value, and other determining factors like mileage and damage to decide how much you’re getting for your car. Sometimes you can dispute their assessment, but doing so can take a great deal of time and energy.

Instead, you’re often better off (and likely to get more money) by looking into the possibility of “owner retention.”

How to Sell a Wrecked Car for More Cash

When the insurance company pays you off for your totaled vehicle, they technically become the owner and usually take possession of the car. But in some cases, you’ll be able to elect for what’s called “owner retention,” and hang onto your old car. If your insurance company allows you to retain the vehicle, most states will require you to take possession and get a salvage title to replace your original vehicle title.

Why is this advantageous? Because they’re generally only going to deduct the salvage price of the vehicle from your payout when you choose to keep the car. Insurance companies are eager to scrap totaled cars as fast as they can, so they can move onto new business. But you might have spent years upgrading your vehicle, or paid for premium optional features that could net a higher price if you sell it on your own.

So instead of receiving $100-200 for the salvage value of your vehicle (since scrap metal prices are sitting near all-time lows) you could potentially net substantially more cash by selling the vehicle on your own.

What is the Value of my Totaled Car?

If you’re wondering “how much will I get for my totaled car?” But dealing with time crunch and have to make a decision quick, just use the online pricing tool here at WeBuyTotaledCars to get a guaranteed, no-obligation quote on the fair market value of your totaled car in just 90 seconds.

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