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So, you’ve crashed your favorite car? Quite the tragedy. Wait…you just got the call from your insurance company saying it’s totaled? You know the saying: when it rains, it pours.

Aside from it being your favorite car and holding a special place in your car, you might be tied to that set of wheels financially. Sometimes, the amount of money the insurance company is willing to pay you isn’t enough to get you up and rolling in a replacement.

Fortunately, you aren’t without options!

What does “totaled car” even mean?

Your insurance company will declare your car totaled when the damage exceeds 65%-70% of the vehicle’s market value. That said, it isn’t a concrete metric adhered to by every insurance company; there is some variety between companies and the threshold may even be decided upon by state regulations.

The best way to figure out what the totaled threshold is will likely be contacting your insurance agent directly.

When your car is declared a “total loss,” the insurer will calculate the car’s Actual Cash Value (ACV). In order to calculate your ACV, they subtract the depreciation value of the car from the replacement value after its purchase.

The factors that go into constructing the depreciation value are: your vehicle’s age, mileage, features, pre-loss condition, etc. Sometimes the resale value of the car’s parts and metal are also factored in.

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When the cost of repairs and the scrap value are equal to or greater than the ACV of your car prior to the accident, then it is deemed “totaled.”

What happens AFTER your car is “totaled?”

More often than not, most older cars will be deemed “not worth the repairs” by car insurance companies. They will then offer you a payout equal to the ACV they calculate for the vehicle, then take it off of your hands.

HOWEVER, if you feel as if your car is worth more than the ACV the insurance company says, you can negotiate a better deal. That requires you to understand exactly how they’re calculating their ACV in order for you to navigate the conversation better.

Can I just KEEP the car if it’s been totaled?

You can absolutely keep your car after your insurance company deems it a total loss.

At that point, the insurance company will cut you a check for the cash value of the car. However, they will subtract any deductible and whatever amount your car could have been scrapped for. Now that you have your car, you can make the necessary plans to repair it.

But is it worth it?

You have to take into account the safety issues that surround a car totaled in an accident. If the damage is only cosmetic, then you may be able to revive it without breaking the bank. That said, you should avoid sending yourself into even modest financial ruin to save a car (no matter how much it means to you).

The decision is ultimately yours, but there are good reasons why the professionals would say your car is beyond repair. The “invisible” damage that the average car owner can’t see (like cracks in the frame, for example) is the type of damage that would compromise the safety of your roadster even after it is fully repaired.

You do, however, still have the option of selling your totaled vehicle after keeping it.

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WeBuyTotaledCars And Your Totaled Car

Like our name says, we specialize in buying totaled vehicles. If you’ve decided to keep your vehicle instead of letting your insurance company take it, then contact us. We can provide you with a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds of speaking with one of our associate buyers.

The best part? You don’t even have to repair the vehicle ahead of time. When we say “we buy totaled cars” we really mean it; we take every vehicle as is!

Should you accept the quote, we’ll connect you with one of our service providers within your area — anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Our service providers will schedule a pick up within 24-48 hours. The towing and transferring of titles for your vehicle is handled by us free of charge! At the time of pick up, the driver does a quick inspection before handing you a check in the total amount agreed upon at the time you were quoted.

Let us help you get the most buck for your banged up car today!

If I Total A Leased Vehicle, Do I Still Have To Pay Off The Lease?

If you total a vehicle on a lease, you are required to pay off the rest of the lease.

If I Still Owe Money On A Totaled Car Will I Still Have To Pay It?

Your insurer will reimburse your lender equal to the actual cash value of your car. If there is anything left on the loan afterwards, you will be required to pay off the remaining balance. However, if you have gap insurance, it will cover the difference between the car’s worth and remaining balance on your loan.

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