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Car accidents are overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. The emotional and physical impact of the accident, combined with the insurance claims process, potential legal process, and the subsequent search for a new car can be a lot for anyone to handle.

In the midst of all of this, having your insurance company say your car is totaled can be discouraging. But did you know it doesn’t have to be all bad news?

Your totaled car is worth a lot more than you may think it is, and there’s an easy way to receive compensation from your insurance company and make a profit selling your car. That extra money will be a big help in getting you back on the road.

Step 1. Buying Back Your Car

One of the main jobs your insurance company has when you get into an accident is to “make you whole.” This is a term that refers to an insurance company’s obligation to compensate you for the fair market value of your vehicle minus the cost of your deductible.

Most people accept this check and move on to buying their replacement vehicle. But, that’s not actually the best way to get paid for your car.

Instead, you should go through the process of buying back your car from your insurance company. That means you still need to file a claim as normal, but your response when you receive an offer for your car will be different.

When an insurance company buys a totaled vehicle from someone they insure, they obviously don’t have personal use for it. Instead, they’ll sell the totaled vehicle at auction to make whatever they can for it.

Instead of selling your car to your insurance company, you have the option of buying it back and finding a buyer yourself. This means that instead of receiving just a check for your car’s value minus your deductible, you’ll receive a check for your car’s value minus your deductible and whatever they believe they’d have made for it at auction.

You’ll get a smaller check, but you’ll also get your car back with a salvage title.

Step 2. Finding a Quote

Once you’ve bought back your car, you’ll be ready to find a buyer. You’ll have removed any personal effects before releasing your car to your insurer, and received your salvage title back from them, so you’re ready to make your sale. All you’ll need to do now is take clear pictures of your car, including any damage.

There are a few options available to you for finding a buyer. Your first is to find a private seller.

This process may be lengthy, as the buyer will need to have an interest in restoring or breaking down a salvage vehicle, as salvage titled vehicles aren’t legal to operate on the road in their current condition. You’ll also need to navigate the costs of towing and title transfer with your buyer.

Your next option is shopping for quotes from local junkyards by making calls. If you go this route, there are some safety precautions you should keep in mind to ensure your sale is safe and legal.

The first thing to know is to never accept a “no-value” valuation or bring your car in for an in-person inspection. Quotes should be given quickly following a few simple questions. If you’re selling privately or finding a junkyard yourself, it may be a good idea to have mechanic’s records on hand so you can answer questions about the car’s damage.

By far the fastest and easiest way to sell your car is online, using a service like At, we know better than anyone how much your totaled car is worth. We only work with reliable scrap buyers near you, so you can trust your sale is protected.

All you need to get a quote from is your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and photos you’ve taken of the car. Once you’ve uploaded those items, you’ll get a quote in just 90 seconds!

Our quotes are guaranteed, so the amount we offer is the amount you’ll be paid every time. Our quotes are also good for seven days, so you have time to schedule at your own convenience.

Step 3. Make The Sale!

Once you’ve accepted your quote, just schedule your free pickup. We always cover towing and title transfer, and can schedule your pickup within 24-48 hours.

You can sell your totaled car in just days, safely and without any hassle. Once your tow driver arrives, simply sign over your title, hand over your keys, and accept your payment.

Congratulations! You’ve sold your totaled car in three easy steps.

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