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Selling a Car With Blown Engine

It doesn’t matter how good you are at taking care of your vehicle or what type of vehicle you own; there will come a time when it’s totally damaged and useless to you. The chances of this happening are even greater if you keep getting into accidents.

When your car is totally damaged, the best thing is to sell it to totaled car experts.

How Can I Get The Best Value When Trading in A Car With Problems?

You may have heard the term “total loss car" used in various circles and wondered; exactly what is a total loss car? Well, a total loss car is one that is too old or damaged that the cost of the repairs needed to get it back on the road is higher or equal to the car’s actual value. For instance, if you own a 2010 Toyota Camry currently worth $5000 and you get into an accident, it will be considered a total loss car if the repairs needed will be $5,000 or more.


Who Buys Cars With Mechanical Problems?

Trading in a Car with Blown Engine

For your car to be declared a total loss car, your auto insurance adjuster will evaluate its level of damage and determine whether the cost of repairs will exceed its current value. To establish the current value of the vehicle, the insurance adjuster will compare prices of similar vehicles of the same age currently being sold in the market. Another way is to depreciate the original price of the car while considering its age.

When an insurance adjuster concludes that your car is a total loss car, you have a few options.

The first option is to let your insurance company handle it. They will take the car off your hands and pay you the actual value of the car as compensation. The second option and the better option is to sell the total loss car yourself. If you choose this route, the insurance company will pay you the actual value of the car minus the salvage value of the car.

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Selling your total loss car yourself is better than leaving it to your insurance company. You can sell it for its true value and make more than your insurance company would have you believe that your car is worth.

Traditionally, selling a total loss car yourself meant you had to look for a willing buyer or sell it to a local junkyard. However, finding someone willing to buy a total loss car can take a while. Selling it to a local junkyard is also not a good idea as they are known for making lowball offers and they won’t consider the value of the parts that are still perfectly functional.

Value of Car with a Blown Engine

The best place to sell your total loss car is With, selling your total loss car is as easy as just opening a website and after 3 or 4 clicks it’s done! has been the go-to place for people interested in selling their total loss car for over a decade. Here, you are assured that your car will be bought for its true value as opposed to just its scrap value.

Trade in Your Vehicle with Engine Problems to

When your insurance adjuster determines that your car is a total loss car, it is up to you to let them know that you are willing to handle its sale/disposal. Once you do that, find a laptop or smartphone and visit

On the homepage, you will find a form which you are supposed to fill with details on your car such as how old it is, the extent of the damage, make, model, among others.

Once you have filled the form, our staff will quickly calculate the value of your total loss car while considering the details you provided and make you an offer immediately. Our offer is usually based on the scrap value of the car and value of any remaining working parts, hence its higher than other places like junkyards.

When you accept our offer, the next order of business is to make plans with our team on the best day and time to come to pick up the total loss car wherever it is. In 24-48 hours, we will be at your doorstep ready to give you your check and tow away the total loss car. With a process this easy, why aren’t you clicking “Get an Offer" now?

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