What's the Fastest Way To Sell A Car Totaled In An Accident?

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Let’s take a step back and define what a Totaled Vehicle is.

A vehicle is designated as totaled when the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds its value. Insurance companies establish their standards on when a vehicle is deemed totaled, but the standard is when repairs cost between 50 to 100% percent of the vehicle’s total value.

Insurance companies will usually buy your totaled vehicle and deliver an insurance payout check in the amount of the pre-accident vehicle (minus your deductible), before selling the car at an auction.

What’s A Totaled Car Worth?

what is the value of a totaled car

A totaled car’s value varies depending upon a myriad of factors: its year, make, model, condition, etc. Valuation is not a monolith and certain cars are, ultimately, worth more than others.

If the damage your car sustained is primarily to its body, you may still be able to get a decent cash value for it. However, if your totaled vehicle has significant damage to its engine or transmission, you might be out of luck. At that point, your car might only be worth its scrap metal value.

The best way to figure out what your car’s value is lies in using a salvage value calculator. The calculator featured utilizes advanced technology to account for various factors in order to provide an offer for your vehicle in under 90 seconds.

Fastest Way I Can Sell A Total Loss Car

When shopping quotes for your car’s salvage value, your goal is (usually) how to get the best price possible. This process usually involves searching for and contacting various junkyards and large-scale buyers like CarMax who purchase totaled cars.

There is also the possibility you could sell your totaled car privately to a local buyer. However, that would require someone looking for that exact make and model with the willingness and time to repair it.

Any of these situations are a possibility, but they are all to yield a low offer for you as a seller. They can all be a hassle to accomplish, considering you are probably in the market for a new vehicle and need the profits of your totaled one to go towards the next one.

The Right Option For You: WeBuyTotaledCars!

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WeBuyTotaledCars exists in order to help you circumvent the hassles associated with selling a totaled car. We guarantee to provide you with a fair-market quote within the span of 2 minutes. There are no fees for using our service and you can feel safe in the face that there are no last minute negotiations.

There is no shopping around for anyone who specializes in totaled cars: it is, quite literally, in our name. Once you accept a quote from us, we schedule a tow to pick up the totaled vehicle within 24-48 hours.

Upon arrival, our service partner will provide a check for you while taking away your totaled vehicle. You will have accomplished the sale of your totaled car without having left the comfort of your home.

We also enable you to shop around. If you like our offer, but want to see other options, we maintain that offer for 7 days guaranteed. We are so confident in our ability to provide the best deal, we have no issue with you searching for other options.

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