Your Car is A Total Loss — Here's What to Do Next

Getting into a wreck is the worst thing that can happen to a car. It becomes a non-functional waste of metal. Not only do you then not have a mode of transportation, but you’re also left with a huge dilemma about what to do with what appears to be a useless pile of metal.

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Fortunately, a totaled car is not complete junk. It is possible to get money from it even if it’s no longer serving you. Continue reading below to find out your options so that your total car doesn’t have to be a total financial loss.

What Does Total Loss Mean?

A total loss is primarily a term used by insurance companies. Most of us consider severely damaged, non-operational, or ancient cars to be total losses because we think that they are completely useless.

Insurance providers deem a vehicle a total loss when the cost of repairs after a collision is greater than the pre-accident value of it. However, the specifics vary by state. For instance, in Alabama, the damage must be 75 percent of the car’s value to qualify as a total loss. Conversely, in Colorado, the costs must be 100 percent of the value.

Also, insurers consider whether it is even possible or safe to try and repair a car when figuring out if it is a total loss. If they decide that it would be best to not fix it, then they will declare it totaled.

See How Much Your Insurance Company Will Give You

If your car was totaled as a result of an accident, you may be able to get a check from your insurance company. Under the right coverage, your insurer can help you financially. However, if your car is totaled because of age or you do not carry the right policy, this is not an option for you.

After a collision, especially one that turned your car into an unrecognizable jumble of metal, you need to contact your insurance agent. You can start a claim to get your car appraised and determine how much money you can get for the damages.

An appraiser will assess the damage and determine the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle. This amount is the value of your vehicle before the accident.

Then, your insurance company will estimate the cost of repairs. If the estimated cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car, your car will be declared a total loss. This amount varies by state.

For a total loss, your insurance company will offer to buy it from you and give you the check for its current value. Alternatively, you can decide to keep it.

In this scenario, your insurer will give you a check for its current value minus the amount they estimate they would have received for it at auction. By keeping the vehicle, you can either sell it for more cash or repair it.

Be aware that you must carry collision or comprehensive insurance to go through this process. A standard liability insurance policy may only cover you if you are in a major accident that wasn’t your fault.

Try to Get it Fixed

If your car is totaled, you can always try to get it fixed. However, as mentioned above, the costs may not be worth it.

A relatively new totaled car might not be worth repairing because its value will be higher than an older vehicle’s. However, a car that has been in an accident, no matter how well the repairs were made, will always have a lower value than one that has never been in an accident.

Moreover, trying to fix an old and totaled car might be a complete waste of financial resources. That is because the cost of a repair usually does not result in an equal increase in value.

For example, your wrecked car might need a brand-new engine, windshield, hood, and complete repair to the exhaust system. This will cost thousands of dollars. However, your car’s value will not increase by thousands. Instead, its price might go up by several hundred.

As a result, you will be spending money on a car that won’t even give a good financial return.

Try to Sell It

Another option is to try and sell your totaled car. However, this can be difficult as most drivers are not looking for a project car to fix. They want one that they can buy and drive the same day.

While you may be able to find people looking for a wrecked vehicle, it may take a while and you might not get the offer you’re hoping for.

On the other hand, junkyards are great places to sell undrivable cars. They will take it off your hands and pay for the scrap metal. However, scrap metal is the only thing that most junkyards will buy. As a result, you might be getting less than what your totaled car is really worth.

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