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We’ve revolutionized the process of selling your totaled car—taking out all the work by plugging you into our nationwide network of approved totaled car buyers to find out which one wants your car the MOST. Less than two minutes from now, you’ll have a guaranteed offer for the fair market value of your car. Once you lock in your offer, it’s just 24-48 hours before we arrive with FREE towing to put payment in your hand. Trust the experts—trust We Buy Totaled Cars.

How much is my totaled car worth? Can I turn my crashed car into cash?

Sell your totaled car fast and easy today. We Buy Totaled Cars as-is, where-is. Across the nation, we take your total loss car and give you cash in a completely hassle-free, haggle-free process.

Whether you kept your vehicle after an auto accident, your insurance company gave you a payout plus your totaled car, or you’ve underestimated the cost of repairs, you can still get rid of your wrecked car. Simply request an offer & we will make you a guaranteed offer for the max value of your totaled car.

Sell Your Total Loss Car

How Do I Know When My Car is Totaled?

A car in an accident has its value severely lowered due to its post-collision condition, not to mention the accident history that will be attached to the title. A car is considered to be a total loss by an insurance company when it’s damaged to the point that it’s not worth repairing.

Should I Repair or Sell My Total Loss Car After An Accident?

If you kept your car after an accident, repairs were likely in the plans. However, repairing a vehicle damaged in an accident is much more expensive than you expect. Between body panels, electrical parts, professional labor, frame repairs, and body prep and paint work, you could easily spend thousands more than your vehicle is worth completely repaired.

The fact is that cars depreciate immediately and significantly after an auto accident. Even if they’re restored to the perfect pre-accident condition, the branded title slashes thousands off the resale value.

Yet, trading in a wrecked car at a salvage yard doesn’t get you any further ahead. You’ll get pennies on the dollar for your car as it is now because the salvage or junk yard pays you by weight, not based on your car’s year, make, model, mileage, or condition.

Get Cash for your Totaled Car

Who Will Buy My Damaged Car?

If you’re asking yourself – “My car is totaled, how much is it worth? It might be in your best interest to try our calculator. This will give you not only a fair market price, but a truthful look at the actual value of your car. You can then compare it with the payout of your insurancy company. But if you aren’t getting a fair shake from your insurer, you could take a cash settlement plus your damaged vehicle in as-is condition.

Whether you don’t have insurance, you’d rather not file a claim, or the payout isn’t what you expect, you could end up with your smashed car in the end. Recoup some of its value by selling it… but how can you sell a totaled car?

The easiest, most stress-free way to sell a crashed car isn’t through a Craigslist ad or a sign on the windshield. It’s selling your car online at We Buy Totaled Cars. You’ll get a fair offer for your totaled car in as-is condition without having to haggle.

What is the Actual Cash Value of My Wrecked Car?

What is a fair price to sell your totaled vehicle? It’s a tough question to answer because there isn’t a book value like for wrecked cars. Selling your car privately will welcome low-ballers, tire-kickers, and scrap car buyers, all of whom will offer you way less than your car is worth.

Even after an accident, your vehicle is worth more than salvage value. You can get a no-obligation cash offer for your car from We Buy Totaled Cars in 90 seconds or less, and you can rest assured it will be fair. We take many variables to calculate your true totaled vehicle value.

The question of “how much is a car worth if totaled" then is a bit nuanced. We take lots of many different factors into consideration such as – the make, model, year, condition, mileage, location of the car, past history, and much more.

Sell Your Crashed Car

Totaled Car Value Calculator

Everywhere you look online, totaled car value calculators are biased for the site they’re on. It’s unlikely that you’ll get the value you’re given initially – you can count on the offer being slashed when your vehicle is being picked up.

It’s different at We Buy Totaled Cars. Your quote is given based on your vehicle’s details, not generic information. When you receive an offer, it’s guaranteed. That’s the price you will be paid, hands down. No one will renegotiate or refuse your vehicle once you’ve accepted your offer. It’s money in the bank.

How It’s Done

At We Buy Totaled Cars, you can sell your totaled car from your armchair. Request a quote for your car, truck, SUV, or minivan in its current condition. Within 90 seconds, you’ll receive a guaranteed offer for your vehicle. When you accept it, you’ll be paid fast, typically within 24 to 48 hours. We’ll pick your vehicle up from you at no charge.

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We work exclusively with eco-friendly partners who recycle vehicles with care.

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Cash For Totaled Car

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What Is Your Totaled Car Worth?

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