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WeBuyTotaledCars is a company that evolved from Damaged Cars, a company founded in 2007.

Since it’s very early days the company has been committed to offering fair prices to repair industry partners, insurance companies, and car owners that need to get rid of damaged cars that may be too expensive to repair or not worth the hassle.

Since we started out we have made more than a million offers for salvage cars, late model cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and wrecked cars.

How Much Can I Get for My Damaged Vehicle?

When is a car considered totaled? When your vehicle is involved in a serious accident, it could be declared a ”total loss” or in more informal terms "totaled" by the insurer. Totaled means that it would not be worth repairing your car since the cost of repairs is relatively close to or higher than the cost of replacing the car. This would apply to both car damage & mechanical problems such as a blown engine on a car that no longer runs.

The meaning of the word totaled may vary from case to case and may also be determined by state laws. For instance, an expensive car could be in a serious accident and yet not be totaled, yet a very old car might get in a serious fender bender and be totaled by the insurance adjuster.

In some states such as Alabama, a car is deemed totaled if the cost of repairs is more than three-quarters of its book value. In the instance of the car getting totaled, the insurance company will write out a check equal to the replacement value, and then take your car which they will sell to scrap dealers.

What to Do With A Damaged Car

Sell Damaged Cars

If you the insurer decides to let you keep the car, they will usually tow it to your premises. Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to obtain a salvage title in place of the vehicle’s original title.

It is important to get a salvage title, as it is what will ensure you can get a fair price for your totaled car in the secondary market, or for its individual parts.

Once you get your salvage title you can decide to tow the vehicle to the local scrap dealers though we never recommend doing this.

Junkyards are used to paying rock bottom prices and hence they do not have the expertise or sophistication needed to value a wrecked car according to fair market value.

This is where WeBuyTotaledCars excels. We offer you guaranteed no-obligation quotes in one and half minutes regardless of the condition, mileage, or age of your car.

With more than a million offers for all manner of wrecked, crashed, damaged and salvage cars we have the expertise to get you the best price.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars Near Me?

To determine the value of total loss your car and sell it, all you have to do is visit the calculator at and get your quote. It is a very simple process that entails the following:

  1. Answer a few questions regarding your vehicle (year, make, model, driveline, trim)

  2. Get your guaranteed offer in 90 seconds

  3. Get your car towed from your premises within 24-48 hours and receive an instant payment

We Buy Damaged Cars!

Sell your Damaged Car Online
  1. We are experts with sophisticated knowledge and skill to value your totaled car and offer you a fair value. Unlike the scrap dealers that offer rock bottom prices since they do not have the expertise to value the car according to trim, driveline and year, we take all of this into account when valuing your totaled vehicle.

  2. Unlike your private buyers who haggle, give low ball offers and often pressure you to accept their offer, our offer is guaranteed, we do not pressure you to sell and we never haggle. Moreover, we pay you on the spot as compared to private buyers who may give you the run-around as they do not buy cars that do not drive or are anything less than perfect.

  3. Selling a car for parts is easier said than done as it requires mechanical knowledge and is often time intensive. Once you sell the main components such as interior, transmission, and engine, you may have the remainder of the car unsold for months or even years. With us, you get instant offers for the entire car that are in line with the market value of the car given its model, make, year and location.


  4. Unlike junkyards that only offer the scrap value of the car we have industry partnerships and are an active member of Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. This makes it easy for us to provide you with a fair price as we can sell any part of your car be it sunroofs, trim and leather among others to recyclers.


  5. The damaged car typically occupies space in your garage or backyard for months while you shop around for someone to take it off your hands. The advantage of selling to us is that you do not have to waste time shopping around the junkyards as you can sell the totaled car.


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