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Steps to Take After Your Car’s Been Totaled

Being in an accident can be incredibly stressful, and if your insurance company has declared your car totaled you may be wondering what comes next. Selling your totaled or badly damaged car online is safer and more convenient than ever, and a great option after an accident. An online sale will allow you to get paid without ever leaving home. You’ll only need to follow a few simple steps to sell your car and get paid cash quickly.

Step 1: Buying Back Your Totaled Vehicle

After an accident, one of the last things anyone wants to hear is that their car has been totaled and they’ll need to get a new one. The added stress of having to sell a damaged car and buy a new one may feel overwhelming. Fortunately, your insurance company will help compensate you for the value of your vehicle. But, did you know that this isn’t the only way to be paid for your totaled car?

When your insurance company says your car is totaled, what they’re really saying is it would cost too much to repair the car in relation to its value and thus isn’t worth it. The next step for your insurer is to pay you for the value of your car, a process known as “making you whole.” At this time, they’ll buy your car from you and sell it at auction.

However, at this step, you’re actually allowed to get your car back with a salvage title that will allow you to sell it yourself in most states. If you choose this route, the initial check you’ll receive from your insurance company will instead be for the value of your car, but with the amount they expected to make for it at auction reduced. This means less money up front, but being back in possession of your car can mean more money overall.

Step Two: Find Your Wrecked Car’s Value

The first real step in selling anything is to know how much you’d like to make for your sale, and this requires a bit of research. Traditional tools for assessing your car’s value such as Kelley Blue Book aren’t an option when your car is totaled. Instead, your best bet is to look at car auctions and salvage websites to see how much similar makes and models to your car with similar damage to yours tend to sell for.

Cars are complicated machines, and so their salvage value is determined by a number of different variables. The market rates for scrap metal fluctuate, and are impacted by location. The condition of the recyclable components of your car also matters. If parts are badly rusted, for example, they may be worth less than cars in good condition with localized damage or system failures.

Step Three: Find and Accept a Quote

Once you’ve got your salvage title and a price in mind you’d like to sell for, you’ll be ready to shop for quotes. Because you’re selling online rather than in person, you’ll need to photograph your car. This is a good time to clean the car up a bit and ensure any personal belongings have been removed. Take clear, bright photos that show any relevant damage as well as highlight what’s still good. These pictures will help potential buyers make an offer on your car.

When shopping for quotes, there are a few things you should always keep in mind to ensure you make a safe and legal sale. The first is to never sell without a title, and be wary of buyers who offer to take your vehicle without transferring the title. Properly transferring your title is necessary to make sure the sale is legal and that you won’t be stuck with legal or financial responsibilities for the car down the road.

The next is that the cost of title transfer and towing should always be included. Never accept offers of deferred or alternative payment for your car — cash or checks only, and your payment should be given before your car is attached to the tow truck.

There are a lot of options out there to sell your car online, but they’re not all the same. specializes in buying totaled cars, meaning we’re the best equipped to offer you a fair quote for your vehicle regardless of its damage.

All you’ll need is your car’s VIN and some photos, and we can provide a free and guaranteed quote in 90 seconds. If you are unsure where to find your VIN, it’s a 17 digit number that can be seen through the driver’s side of your windshield.

Our quotes are good for seven days, but we can arrange your complimentary pickup within 24-48 hours. Hand over your keys, sign over your title, and receive payment for your car and you’ll be done. Sell your totaled car in just days with!

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