Does Carvana Buy Wrecked Vehicles?

Carvana specializes in buying and selling cars online. Is it the right choice for selling your damaged vehicle?

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Most people with a heartbeat have heard of Carvana. If you’ve ever considered buying or selling a car, then you’ve absolutely heard of Carvana. Their name has almost become synonymous with “car sales” to the general public.

But “hearing about” and “knowing about” Carvana are two vastly different things. Especially if you’re actually in the beginning stages of selling a wrecked vehicle.

Carvana: The E-Dealership

“We sell cars, but we’re not salesmen” is the tagline greeting visitors of Carvana’s “About Us” page. Carvana’s business model is all about cutting costs — there’s no “middlemen” so there aren’t any commissions or hidden fees to be factored in.

Shopping Online

How do they achieve this? By buying vehicles online — operating as an e-dealership, if you will.

When selling your car to Carvana, you upload either your license plate or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to their website, followed by answering several questions about your vehicle.

Within two minutes, you receive an offer from Carvana and, upon accepting, they will schedule a pick up. After a quick, on-site inspection, Carvana cuts you a check.

Sounds pretty simple, yea?

Well, yes and no.

Should I Sell My Wreck To Carvana?

Although Carvana doesn’t operate like a standard dealership with a lot full of cars, don’t think of it as any less of a dealership than the traditional brick and mortar ones.

Making Decisions

Once a vehicle is sold to a (physical or digital) dealership, the dealership owns the vehicle in its entirety. They will then take one of two courses of action:

  1. If it’s a desirable car in good working condition, it is kept by the dealership and sold.
  2. If it's undesirable, the car is put for auction. Auctions don’t generate too much profit for the dealerships and, in order to make something off the auction, they pay you very little for your vehicle upfront.

Unfortunately, your wrecked vehicle falls under category two. Furthermore, Carvana only accepts vehicles that are in working order. They will even test-drive the vehicle at the time of pick-up before taking it away. If the vehicle cannot run (and most wrecks won’t), then Carvana won’t accept it.

Never Fear — WeBuyTotaledCars Is Here!

It Works

Fortunately, WeBuyTotaledCars has no such reservations about wrecked vehicles. Whether your car has met with the vehicular Grim Reaper or you’re just looking to get a fair price for it, WeBuyTotaledCars is offering much of the same online convenience as Carvana while specializing in damaged vehicles.

Submit your wrecked roadster to WeBuyTotaledCars and get a quote within 90 seconds of your inquiry. We work alongside buyers directly in your area, so the hassle of finding someone to take your wreck off your hands is minimized.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we’ll make sure you aren’t victimized by junkyards trying to get over on you. The more money you make, the more money you have towards your replacement wheels!

To get a quote, all you have to do is submit your VIN and a few photos of your wrecked car. You do that and you’ll get a quote kicked back in those aforementioned 90 seconds that’s good for the next seven days. Once you accept the offer quoted, a pick-up will be scheduled for the next 24-48 hours.

Not only do we handle the towing, but we also walk you through the process of getting the title transferred for your vehicle!

Since we are committed to providing market value for vehicles in disrepair, you’ll have the money for your wreck at the time of pick-up. We take it off your hands and fill them right back up with dollars — talk about a win-win!

How do I sell a wrecked car?

The most common way to sell a wrecked vehicle is through listing an offer online for private buyers. Some buyers specialize in “as-is” vehicles, where they have the means to rebuild the car and get it retitled.

WeBuyTotaledCars takes the hassle of waiting for private buyers to find you away. Our network of partners are always ready and waiting to pick up a wrecked vehicle.

Can you sell a car that is wrecked?

Absolutely. Typically, in order to sell your wreck, you have to acquire a salvage certificate.

However, if you utilize WeBuyTotaledCars, you can avoid having to get a salvage certificate by letting us handle all the back-end work.

If your car has been in an accident, do you have to disclose that when selling?

If you are aware that the car has been in an accident, then absolutely. Anything else would be considered fraud and that is a crime.

Luckily, cars that have been in wrecks don’t scare us off at WeBuyTotaledCars! Get an offer with our easy form in 90 seconds and sell it to us in just a couple of business days.

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