How Do I Get Money From A Car Accident Without A Lawyer?

What should you do to get some cash back when you've gotten into an accident but can't afford a lawyer? WeBuyTotaledCars has a few suggestions.

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Car accidents are common occurrences. Over three million people suffer some form of injury in these collisions annually, with nearly two-thirds of those people suffering life-altering injuries.

With that in mind, settling a claim quickly is important so that victims can focus on recovery wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, most people are hesitant when hiring an accident attorney. Determining whether an accident attorney is worthwhile can be a headache, so here’s how you can settle an accident claim without a lawyer.

Take A Measure Of Your Damages

A settlement shouldn’t be reached without you having a solid grasp on how much damage you’ve sustained.

While this includes the damage your vehicle has suffered, it is not limited to that; the bodily harm you’ve endured is also relevant and should be factored into any settlement discussions.

Track all of the expenses you’ve accrued since the accident occurred, including vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and any income you lost because you were forced to miss work.

Keep in mind that you might be able to account for expenses you expect to have as well.

Be meticulous about this! Think about each and every expense you could possibly have in order for you to get the heftiest settlement you can.

Talk To An Insurance Adjuster

on phone negotiating with insurance

Prior to getting down to the settlement business, you should speak with an insurance adjuster. The adjuster will help you find out what they are willing to cover after you file your claim.

The expenses mentioned earlier (car damage repairs and medical) will be taken into account and used to calculate a fair payment amount. However, when it comes to these payments being enough, it is rare that this settlement amount is enough.

You’re going to eventually need to negotiate, but remain calm and collected when you do so. Help them see why their offer isn’t enough and why you need more.

Write Your Demand Letter

That negotiation takes place here within your demand letter. Now that you know the general ballpark of what the insurance company is trying to pay you, you can explain to them why their settlement is too low.

This is your time to be excruciatingly detailed. Zero in on why the at fault driver is responsible for the additional expenses and why their insurance company should pay you this money.

The demand isn’t the end-all-be-all to you getting a massive increase in your settlement, but it is the first step in the right direction. It puts the insurance company on notice that you won’t quietly accept whatever they give you when you know you deserve more.

The other insurance company will present a counter-offer, which you are free to accept or continue to negotiate.

If you don’t accept the counter-offer, then you can expect to have to take the case to court if you want to maximize your settlement potential.

Know The Court’s Ins-And-Outs

It’s a smart move to know how most of the court procedure will go before you actually appear before a judge. Understand that there are administrative charges, court fees, and losing even more income from missing work.

For this reason, it’s usually best to settle car accident claims outside of court.

Depending on how good of a case you make representing yourself, the judge will either rule in or against your favor. Either way, you’ll be in a position to close the case and move forward with your settlement.

While it is possible to represent yourself after a car accident, it isn’t always the best course of action. You likely don’t have the same breadth of knowledge about cases and the intricacies of settlement that a career attorney does.

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You probably don’t have the experience representing yourself in court as well; hiring an attorney may up your chances for getting the settlement you want versus walking away with the one you were given.

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Can I Settle A Car Accident Without A Lawyer?

Yes, you can. There are no laws that require you to get a car accident lawyer after a collision. That said, the intricacies of a settlement are often best handled by a lawyer who specializes in them.

Can I Make A Pain And Suffering Claim Without A Lawyer?

Yes. You are not required to have a lawyer to make a pain and suffering claim. However, you have to weigh 1) the severity of the injury, 2) sufficiency of evidence, and 3) proof of the other driver’s fault. If these three things aren’t heavy enough to support an untrained argument, then it’s best for you to get a car accident lawyer.

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