How to Keep Your Totaled Vehicle & Get Cash for it Quickly

Keeping your totaled vehicle is the best way to make the best out of an unfortunate situations. Accidents are never fun, but after this quick guide, we’ll teach you how to get two checks for your wrecked vehicle using our service.

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Car accidents can be devastating, and if your car is too damaged to be worth the repairs, you may feel extra discouraged. However, if you find yourself in this position, there are steps you can take to make sure you get money back for your totaled vehicle.

That extra cash will be handy when it comes time to get a new car and get back on the road. You’ll need to file a claim with your insurance and then offer to buy your car back so you can sell it yourself. While this process seems unusual, it’s straightforward and will guarantee you make the most money possible for your totaled car.

Step 1: File A Claim

Your first step in this process is to file a claim with your insurance to be sure that your car really isn’t worth repairing. If your insurance company finds that the cost of repairs equals half or more of the value of your car (the specific percentage varies between companies), they’ll designate your car “totaled.”

Once they’ve done this, they’ll make an offer to buy it from you. The process of reimbursing you for your car’s value is known as “making you whole,” and is an important responsibility of your insurer. Your first step is to accept that offer, but don’t cash your check just yet.

Step 2: Ask to Buy Your Car Back

This may sound strange, but your goal is to make as much money as you can. When insurance companies buy totaled cars, they typically sell them at auction anyway. So, after your insurance offers to buy your car, you should instead offer to buy it back so that you can sell it instead.

Your insurance will send you a check for the value of your car, minus the amount they expect they’d make for it at auction. They’ll also send you a salvage title for your car, which is a title that indicates your car can only be sold for salvage value rather than to drive. While this means you’ll have less money up-front, it won’t take long to sell your car and make some extra cash in addition to that insurance check.

Step 3: Shop for Quotes

get paid more from your insurance company for a total loss car

Once you’ve got your car back and salvage title ready, you’ll be able to sell your car. By now you should have cleared all of your personal possessions out of it, but if you’re looking to sell it you may want to do some additional cleaning. Even though you’re selling a junk car, cleanliness goes a long way for potential buyers.

When you want to sell a damaged or totaled vehicle, you have a few options available to you, which are obviously different from the routes you may be used to for selling a car in working order.

Your first option will be to shop around your local scrap yards by phone. Reputable scrap yards should be able to give you a quote over the phone provided basic information about your car.

Of course, the more you know about vehicles and your car’s condition the more accurate your quote will be, so have your mechanic’s assessment on hand. Be wary of junkyards that tell you you’ll need to bring your car in to receive a quote, or that offer to buy your car without transferring the title.

If you choose to sell privately, be sure to clean your car up and take some nice pictures of it for your listing. No matter how you sell, never do so without a title, because there could be some unpleasant legal surprises down the road if you never give up your legal responsibility for the car.

Additionally, be sure the cost of towing is included in your quotes. You should also remember that all junk cars have components worth money, so never accept a “no-value” valuation for your vehicle.

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If you’re uninterested in the process of listing your own car or shopping for quotes, you’re in luck. Online tools have made it faster, easier, and safer than ever to sell your junk car from the safety of your own home. can give you a guaranteed quote in 90 seconds that’s good for seven days.

We offer free towing within 48 hours and will provide on the spot payment for your car. You can be sure we’ll find the best price for your car in your area. All we’ll need from you is your title, and we have no problem with salvage titles. Within two days of getting your quote from us, you’ll be able to cash both your checks and walk away with the most possible money for your totaled car.

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