Should I Trade In A Car After An Accident?

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Can I Trade My Car In After An Accident?

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If your car was damaged in an accident, you can still trade it in at a dealership. Many dealerships will accept damaged or totaled vehicles as a trade-in for a newer car purchase.

Keep in mind that not all dealerships will accept totaled vehicles. You should contact dealerships you are interested to confirm that they will take your car before visiting in person.

Additionally, if your car does not run, you will probably be responsible for the cost of towing the vehicle to the dealership’s location. In some cases, a dealership may be willing to tow your vehicle so you do not have to hire a service independently.

However, they will typically add additional service fees to the cost of towing, which means it will cost you more. It may be a better idea to find a tow truck driver yourself.

What Is My Car’s Trade In Value After an Accident?

Typically, your car’s value after an accident will plummet. This is because many accidents cause serious structural damage to the car. As a result, repairing and reselling the car may be impossible, or may not be cost-effective.

If your car is seriously damaged after an accident, chances are you will only be able to get paid for its scrap metal value. Dealerships may offer you a lower trade-in after an accident than other companies do. This is because dealerships do not specialize in selling damaged cars.

Although you can expect a diminished car value after an accident, you still might be able to get a better price by selling it rather than trading it in.

The Best Way To Sell Your Car After An Accident

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Since the trade in value of a car after an accident is probably going to be low, you should explore your options for selling your damaged car. Luckily, there are plenty available:

  • Sell to a junkyard or scrapyard
  • Part out your car
  • Sell your car privately
  • Sell your car online

Junkyards and scrap yards specialize in buying junk cars and tearing them apart or melting pieces down to be reused and recycled. However, they have a limited range that they operate in. Some also have flat prices that they offer, which means you won’t necessarily get the best quote by just contacting one place.

Parting out your car can sometimes get you more money than selling the car as a whole. Keep in mind that it can take several months to sell all the parts to your vehicle. Additionally, if expensive parts of your car like your transmission and engine are destroyed, you may not be able to get very much for the remaining parts.

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Selling your car privately is sometimes the best way to get the highest price on your vehicle. Private buyers may be willing to pay more for your car depending on its make, model and year. However, you will have to find a time for potential buyers to come see the car. Additionally, if it doesn’t run, you and the buyer will have to decide who will pay for the cost of transporting it.

Finally, you can sell your car online. This is often the easiest way to get rid of your car post-accident. Online car buyers can give you quotes quickly and let you know if they operate in your area.

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How To Sell Your Damaged Car To

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