What Happens If You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance?

Whether you’re allowed to or not, driving without car insurance is a bad idea. There are massive financial consequences as well as legal ramifications not just if you get into an accident without insurance, but even if you’re caught behind the wheel of an uninsured car.

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In the United States, there are only two states in which you can legally drive without car insurance – New Hampshire and Virginia. Whether you’re in one of these two states or anywhere else in the country, you should know what could result if you get into a car accident without insurance, at fault or not.

What to Do With A Totaled Car & No Insurance?

If you live in New Hampshire or Virginia and choose to drive without insurance, it doesn’t negate any consequences. While the monetary and legal problems that come from a car accident without insurance might vary slightly from state to state, these are some things that could happen.

Car Accident Without Insurance, At Fault

Prepare for the worst if you’re the driver at fault in an accident when you don’t have insurance. If you don’t live in New Hampshire or Virginia, there can be severe fines, you could lose your driver’s license or have it suspended, or you could even face jail time. It could easily be a combination too. And that doesn’t even start into the repair costs or hospital bills!

That’s right – if you’re at fault in a car accident and you don’t have insurance coverage, you’ll be paying double duty. You’ll be responsible to cover any of your own vehicle repair costs as well as any medical treatment you receive. In addition, you’ll be on the hook for the other party’s vehicle repairs and medical bills if you don’t have insurance.

That usually means their insurance company will sue you for the costs associated with the accident. You know what it means when you get sued… you need to add legal fees to the penalties.

A single uninsured accident can bring your life down around you financially. You could lose your home, your savings – everything.

What If You Get Into A Car Accident Without Insurance And Not At Fault?

It’s a marginally better scenario if you aren’t at fault in the accident. The other party’s insurance provider is the payer so you could have your vehicle repairs covered and your medical treatments took care of.

Here’s the sticking point though. You’ll need to file a third-party claim against the insurance company. Be prepared to fight for what you’re owed. It could take a very long time while the case is going through its proceedings, all the while, you don’t have your car or any money. Usually, your insurance company fights on your behalf. But remember? You don’t have insurance. There’s bound to be financial strain during this time.

What Happens if You Get Hit By Someone Without Insurance?

If the other party doesn’t have insurance, though, it’s a whole different ball game. You have the option to sue the other person for damages that result from an accident, but it can be extremely difficult to sort it all out.

The uninsured person will typically be found responsible for your legal fees, car repairs, and any doctor’s bills if the judgment goes your way. You’ll have to assume that they have money to pay you if found to be at fault… but they might not have anything to give you. Suing them could be all for nothing.

In the meantime, you’ll be without your vehicle and on the hook for any costs. But there’s more.

If you also don’t have insurance, the costs could be astronomical to make a claim in the first place. Depending on the state you live in, the cost for driving without insurance can be up to $5,000! Plus, if you’re without insurance, you could be responsible for a massive deductible up to $25,000 before you’re entitled to receive anything from the other person.

It’s all negated if you just carry an insurance policy for your car.

What If You Total a Car & You Have No Insurance?

If you wreck your car without insurance and you’re at fault, you’re stuck with what you’ve got – a totaled car. No insurance means no payout to write off your car, nor money to repair to its pre-accident condition. In many cases, you’ll be left with an undrivable car that’s unsafe, uncertifiable, probably has mechanical damage, and looks like junk.

Whether you’ve just bought the car or had it for years, your financial investment has just gone down the drain.

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