Total Loss Car Value Calculator – Cash Value of My Damaged Vehicle

Do you have a totaled car? Some people might be familiar with this term, but not everyone is. This article will give you a better understanding:

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How Can I Sell My Total Loss Car?

Firstly, when your car is damaged, you follow up with your insurance company or of the person who caused it. And you are normally given a rental car while your car is undergoing repair.

Some insurance companies pay the repair bill directly to the repair shop. While others ask you to pay and they later reimburse you. The former is better than the latter.

However, happens when your car is beyond fixing or too expensive for that matter?

If this is the case and the insurance company declares your car totaled, it is important to keep in mind the amount you are entitled to. If you have had any upgrades done to the car, then it is even more important that you keep your receipts.

This will assist you in making your claim. This is because the value of your vehicle is meant to increase when all this happens. Therefore, when the insurance company totals your car, there has to be an insurance payout.

The Easiest Way to Trade in Your Total Loss Car for Best Value

This is a matter that varies from the type of car you have and the premiums you pay.

Notwithstanding, you should remember that the insurance company has to put its interests first. It is therefore crucial that you establish your ground and maintain facts as you why you deserve a certain amount for your totaled car.

As stated below, every upgrade done whether it’s a new engine or a brand new stereo, keep the receipts. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you have done your very best in getting the insurance payout that you deserve and what is offered is not fair; you have another option.

You can bring in another party such as who have experts in the evaluation of damaged and totaled cars. With a valuation, the age of the car, make and mileage are always considered, therefore, you might still not get much after the process.

This is because normally a car is considered a depreciating asset once you start using it.

Get A Cash Offer for Your Damaged Vehicle

After the insurance payout, what happens to the totaled car?

A totaled car is generally considered scrap, not just from the insurance company. So, what do you do with it? Do you know you can actually make money out of it? This happens when you decide to sell the totaled car. You will end up benefiting from this fully by involving an expert.

You, of course, have an option of selling the parts that can be salvaged but this provides no guarantee for something good. Therefore, selling the whole totaled car to a more experienced company is highly recommended.

This is because you get a fair market value regardless of the damage done.

With this information, you have a seat at the negotiating table. You should not worry as to whether your totaled car can be sold, because it can surely be bought. One of the qualities to admire when it comes to is the sure fact that your vehicle will be purchased. This is because an offer for your totaled car is guaranteed and most of them are instant.

You also enjoy the fact that you as the seller get to be paid at the time of pickup.

Selling your damaged car is as much benefit to you as it is to the buyer.

How to Sell YOUR Total Loss Car Quickly

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