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The saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” doesn’t lose any of its application when talking about totaled cars. Once your car finally reaches the end of its lifetime, you can still turn a pretty profit on that shell of its former glory. You can absolutely sell your car for scrap, but…

How exactly do you sell your car for scrap?

Fortunately, there are tried and true methods for selling a car for scrap and, more recently, selling a car for scrap online. With the number of cars that have been sold for scrap online, there are plenty of experiences to draw from in order to provide helpful insight into getting that junk car of yours sold for scrap.

vehicle paperwork

Get Your Paperwork Together

Your first order of business is to get the necessary documentation straightened out. Things that should be absolutely included are as follows:


The title is the document that displays that you’re the owner of the vehicle and, therefore, legally allowed to sell and/or scrap it. If your vehicle has a lien on it, then you are not the owner of the vehicle; the lienholder is. You would want to ensure that you’ve paid down the outstanding debt before looking to sell the car for scrap online.

Don’t have the title? That’s not a huge problem; your local vehicle management authority will replace it for you upon request. Visit your local DMV or their website and follow the instructions associated with “lost titles.”

Bill of Sale

If there isn’t a form available for replacement titles, your Bill of Sale will suffice! Combine that with a Car History Document and prospective buyers will have all of the necessary information about your car.


Find Scrapyards

Under the more traditional circumstances, your next step would be to call around to different scrap yards and figure out which one will give you the best deal for your junk car. You would either sell the car whole, at which point they would weigh it and give you a payout dependent on that, or you could part it out (time-consuming, but a little more profitable).

Fortunately, the traditional route is obsolete. Searching for scrap yards online is the new wave and you can handle all the “heavy lifting” without spending hours on the phone or leaving the comfort of your home.

Visiting a scrap yards website will typically yield an option to receive a quote based upon your vehicle’s weight. Combined with that information and the current prices of metal in the market, you’ll get a quote for your vehicle.

NOTE: Do your due diligence in order to ensure that the scrap yard you choose is a reputable one. No one wants to waste time with dishonest business!

Schedule a Pick-Up

Once you’ve settled on a scrap yard, it’s time to get that junk car transported. Most scrap yards will offer a towing service to get your vehicle off your hands. Unfortunately, they often charge an additional cost for that service, which bites into your overall profits from selling your car for scrap.

By this point, though, you should be down one junk car and up some cash, so that loss shouldn’t hurt too much.

Notify The Department of Motor Vehicles

Once the car has legally been sold as scrap, your final step is to notify the DMV. This part is crucial in the sale of any vehicle — it legally absolves you of anything that should happen to or with the vehicle after the point of sale!

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WeBuyTotaledCars Makes Everything Easy

Selling a totaled car online for scrap, while easier than the old-fashioned way, can still be quite the hassle. That’s why WeBuyTotaledCars takes the entire process you would have to do and simplifies it all.

After providing us with a couple of photos and basic vehicle information, we kick back a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds. You aren’t obligated to make a decision right then and the quote is viable for an entire week.

Once you do accept it, however, we can schedule a tow within 24-48 hours. One of our local service providers will gladly pick your vehicle up FOR FREE and tow it to their scrap yard. While that vehicle gets taken off your hands, a check for the quoted amount gets put in them.

And if you’re worried about title transfer fees, don’t be. We take care of that as well and, just like the towing, it’s on the house!

Contact WeBuyTotaled Cars and let us do for you exactly what our name says!

How Much Do You Usually Get From Scrapping A Car?

Depending on the current scrap metal prices, the make, model, and year of your car, as well as its condition, you could look at anywhere from $100 to $20,000. The average price for scrapping a car is about $1000, though.

Is It Better To Scrap A Car Or Donate It?

That all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into it. Next to none? Then donate the vehicle. Would you want to actually turn a little profit from the car? Then scrapping it is probably the route you would like to take. Also, if the vehicle isn’t driveable then you might as well scrap it.

When Should You Scrap Your Car?

On average, transmissions and engines last for about 15 years or 200,000 miles. If your car is pushing these numbers and hasn’t had its engine or transmission replaced, then it’s probably in your best interest to scrap it then.

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