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How Can I Best Sell A Car With Body Damage?

After you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident, the value of your vehicle will start dropping immediately. Regardless of the number of repairs, the number of potential buyers will decrease instantly. Moreover, at times, the cost of repairs will be very high as compared to the real value of the totaled car. You can value of the totaled car to us instead of opting for the expensive repairs. Here are a few reasons why you should do that.

  • We are experts in buying and evaluating damaged cars
  • We never haggle, our offer is guaranteed
  • Our car valuation is a fair market offer based on condition, location, year and the make and model
  • Most of our car offers are instant
  • The seller is paid at the time of pickup
  • Cars can be sold online from the comfort of the owner’s home
  • Free towing nationwide at the customer’s location
  • Usual turnaround time for car pick-up is 24-48 business hours
  • No pressure to sell, a customer can consider the offer
  • Excellent rating and reputation
  • We are an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group
  • We work with partners that recycle vehicle parts with environmentally friendly processes.

Trade in Your Car With Damage Online

If your motor vehicle was totaled by insurance or in a collision, you will soon realize that selling a damaged car is not an easy task. No one would want to invest his/her money in such a project and you are likely to get underestimates from the damaged car buyers. You can choose to pay for the repair work, but auto body repairs are expensive. In the end, the repairs will not be worth it.

An incident that is enough for an insurance company to declare your vehicle a total loss may also cause undetected damages lurking under the sheet metal. Hidden damage can only be identified after the repair work starts and could increase the repair costs beyond the value of your car.. Some other problems like the cracked frame are hard to identify and will make your car unsafe to drive.

Furthermore, trying to sell the totaled vehicle to the salvage yards can be frustrating for some people and selling the vehicle for parts will take ages. The quickest thing to do is sell your crashed vehicle to us.

How Can You Get Cash for Damaged Cars?

Parting out a car is easier than done. The process is time intensive and you will need mechanical knowledge. After selling the main components – interior, transmission, and engine -, the remaining parts of the vehicle will remain for an unknown time. And in some states, you will never drive a car unless you have already repaired it. Moreover, you will not drive it until it has met the transmission standards.

We Buy Totaled Cars

After an insurance car declares your vehicle a total loss, its title will feature brands indicating the prior conditions like “salvage”, “flooding” or “reconstructed”. That is among the red flags that will prevent you from getting the vehicle insured in the future or eliminate the chances of reselling.

How to Trade in YOUR Car With Body Damage

To sell the totaled car, an insurance adjuster will start by reviewing the damages to your vehicle and then fill out a form to declare it a total. The insurance company will provide you with a check for the amount they believe it is the real value of your vehicle.

Take the necessary paperwork from your insurer declaring the vehicle salvage to the department of motor vehicles for the salvage certificate. That is all you need to replace its title. And if someone registered the salvage car, some insurance companies will not be willing to insure it and if it is already insured the insurance rates will be very high. Contact us for the best deal on your totaled car.

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