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A car is an asset that most people don’t know how/where to dispose once it is damaged.

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The pain point here is that you have a totaled car but don’t know what to do with it or even where to sell it. Your major concern here is who buys non-running cars? Well, we introduce

We Are Experts In Buying And Evaluating Cars with Problems

We are experts in wrecked car evaluation. When you’re renting an apartment, you’ll look for expert reports on prices like this one, so why not do the same with your car? Simply put, we know how to calculate the value for your totaled car.. So we will always ensure we pay you the right amount for your car. You can use our Totaled Vehicle Value Calculator to determine your payout.

Unfortunately, local dealers do not know how to properly appraise broken cars.

We Never Haggle, Our Offer Is Guaranteed

Once you accept our offer and happy with it, you can proceed to the next step. Here we will need documents to prove that you are the car owner. Then we will give you a schedule of when we’ll pick up your totaled vehicle.

In simple terms is that our offer is straightforward and guaranteed.

Our Car Valuation Is A Fair Market Offer

We do car valuation based on the model, make, year, condition and location to ensure it is fair. If you take your car junkyards, the fact is that they don’t care about premium options like sunroof or leather. Their offer will be based on scrap metal value only.

Most Of Our Car Offers Are Instant

Finding out the real worth of your totaled car at takes only 90 seconds. If you fall in love with the price, we will send our tow truck to pick-up your car within 24-48 hours – for free.

All you have to do here is to fill out a form with correct details. Then we will provide you our instant offer on several cars. Alternatively, we will contact you and provide a guaranteed offer once you click on the “Submit for Offer.”

Seller Is Paid At The Time Of Pick-Up

The reputation of junkyards and dealers is unreliable. So you might not know when or whether they will pay you once they pick your damaged car.

As for our company, we let you decide whether or not to accept our offer. Once you do and we organize for pick-up, we ensure we give you a check on the same day.

Trade in Your Car With Mechanical Problems Online

Since our business is online, you can follow and complete the entire process from your home or office.

Free Towing Nationwide At Customer’s Location

Cars that don’t run cost the owner hundreds of dollars per ton when shopping it around for quotes.

But for us, your car stays at home as you fill out our online quote. Once you accept our offer, we will come to your home or office and pick up the damaged car. The best part is that we don’t charge for our pick up services.

Our usual turnaround time for picking up a car is 24 to 48 business hours.

No Pressure To Sell

When trying to sell a damaged vehicle to junkyards or dealers there is constant haggling, low ball offers, and pressure to accept their offer.

For us we let you consider the offer and make a decision.

Excellent Rating And Reputation

There is the uncertainty of dealers or junkyards reputation. When insurance declares your vehicle as a total loss, you might wonder about who buys totaled cars.

Well, look no further than Our rating is excellent and the same applies to our reputation.

We Work With Partners That Recycle Car Parts

There are partners that recycle vehicle parts with environmentally friendly processes. We know that a damaged car takes space for prolonged periods of time. So, we opt taking the ones we don’t need these recycling companies.

Get A Cash Offer for Your Car With Bad Transmission

If you are trying to remove a car from your property or want to sell a wrecked car with minor accident damage or major mechanical issue, we are the best online buyers. We are more advantageous over traditional car selling methods.

Using other selling methods has lots of hardships compared to our services. For instance, most private car buyers may not be interested in purchasing less-than-perfect cars. Charging for car pick up and unrealistic car valuation are other hardships.

We can pay top dollar for your totaled vehicle in any condition. Get an offer for your car in less than 90 seconds now!

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