Where Can I Sell My Totaled Truck?

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Losing a vehicle in a wreck can be a huge burden for you to deal with. What do you do without the truck you may use for daily transportation, or even for work?

There is something you can do, however. You can sell your totaled truck to make back some money from your vehicle. Selling your truck will allow you to get rid of an undrivable heap of junk and give you a head start in purchasing a new one so you can get back on the road faster.

When Is Your Truck Totaled?

When Is Your Truck Totaled?

How do you know if your truck has been totaled? A vehicle is considered totaled when the cost to repair is greater than the current market value of the vehicle. This in effect means that it would make no sense to spend a fortune on repairs, making your vehicle considered totaled.

Some people would even consider some less expensive forms of damage as serious enough to make a car totaled, since the pros of getting a newer truck can sometimes outweigh the cons of the price of repairing an older truck that’s coming to the end of its life anyway.

Generally, it’s up to your insurance to decide when a vehicle is totaled, but if you don’t have insurance, it can be up to you to make that determination yourself.

When it comes down to insurance, oftentimes either company policy or state law determines what makes a truck “totaled.” In that case, typically the damage will have to come to somewhere between 70 and 100 percent of the actual cash value of the truck for the vehicle to qualify as totaled.

How To Sell A Totaled Truck Faster

How To Sell A Totaled Truck Faster

Because junkyards will often pay you just for the weight of scrap metal, you end up losing a ton of potential extra cash because there are salvageable parts on your truck that increase the value. Scrappers love to get their hands on items like catalytic converters because they retain their value even when the truck is totaled. So, make sure you sell your salvage truck the right way to get paid what it’s worth.

Selling your totaled truck for cash does not have to be stressful. In the past, you would have had to look up different junkyards near you and call each one until you found one that offered a decent quote. Then you might have to pay for a tow truck to come. Once you get your truck to the yard, you might be offered a quote that’s different from what was on the phone.

Sound time-consuming? That’s because it is — and there’s a better way.

This way to sell a wrecked truck is a thing of the past now. Through the internet, you can sell a damaged truck quickly, and get some good money for it too.

Through WeBuyTotaledCars you can get a quote in as little as 2 minutes. Compared to calling up junkyards you don’t get any of the hassle and time wasted. Best of all, there’s no hassling, negotiating or hidden fees — we’ll show you exactly what you’ll get paid, and we won’t charge you a dime to use our service.

Sell Your Totaled Truck With WeBuyTotaledCars

Sell Your Totaled Truck With WeBuyTotaledCars

Just go on the website and get an offer. Enter in the details of your car like the model and year and in as little as 90 seconds you will be given a quote. Not only is it fast, but your quote will reflect what your truck is really worth, and our offers always include FREE towing and title transfer.

We guarantee our quotes for seven days, and once you’re ready to sell, we can come pick it up in 24-48 hours. Once we arrive, we’ll pay you on the spot for your car. It’s that simple.

Ready to get paid for your totaled truck? Request your offer from WeBuyTotaledCars now. Skip the haggling, fuss and fees and move on to the part where you collect your check and move on with your life.

How Much Is My Truck Worth If Totaled?

Because your truck would not be worth getting repaired, buyers would be paying you for the scrap metal and any salvageable parts. The price of scrap metal fluctuates due to supply and demand and is constantly changing. Your truck could have around 3,000 pounds of steel on it meaning it would have more than an average sedan. Aluminum is also a metal that is important to consider as the value of aluminum is much higher than that of steel.

Cars get sold to junkyards at an average of around $300 but this does not mean that you cannot get more. Salvageable cars with intact equipment could fetch a much higher price but you're still looking to see about a 70% drop off from the current market value of the car after wrecking it.

WeBuyTotaledCars offers a fair price that includes a towing service for all vehicles. Find out how much your truck is worth and get a quote after entering your vehicle's information into the website.

Who Will Buy My Totaled Truck?

Usually, junkyards or scrappers interested in salvaging or recycling vehicles. Junkyards will take in vehicles and sell off the scrap metal to businesses in need of metal. This is great for the environment as it means there won’t be a bunch of old wrecked cars lying around and old metal gets to be used instead of taking out more metal from the earth.

Junkyards will also allow people to salvage any valuable pieces from the car that are worth more intact than as scrap metal. A common part of the truck people will look for is the catalytic converter as some people are always looking for replacements. These people will usually have a system for selling privately to customers and will have their livelihood based on selling salvaged parts.

Can You Sell A Truck That Has Been Totaled?

Yes, you can! Just because a vehicle is totaled does not mean it has lost all of its value. Legally speaking, as long as you have the title for any vehicle it can be sold. You do not even need registration to sell a vehicle, just make sure you don’t drive an unregistered vehicle as it is illegal.

Totaled trucks carry value in their scrap metal and salvageable parts. If you are the owner of a totaled truck you stand to make some real money selling it to help with getting a new one.

WeBuyTotaledCars makes the process easier than it has ever been and in a couple of minutes, you could have a quote along with some relaxation knowing your totaled truck is going away and getting you money.

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