Is My Car Totaled? – How to Sell Your Wrecked Car Quickly

If insurance has declared your car a total loss, you might be wondering what it all means—and what’s next?

Unfortunately, it’s not all that rare to find out your car has been totaled.

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According to one study, approximately 9% of all cars appraised for repair were judged to be totaled in a given year. So it’s something that millions of Americans will eventually have to deal with. For that reason, we’ve put together a quick list of the 5 things everyone needs to know about total loss car prices and how to sell a crashed car …

How Can I Calculate if My Car is Totaled?

After you’ve been in a serious accident, you’ll need to take your car to a body shop or a claims adjuster in order to get an estimate for the repairs involved. If the repairs are expensive enough (coming close to or exceeding the value of your vehicle), then they’ll declare your vehicle a “total loss” and issue you a check for the car’s estimated replacement value.

That replacement value will be based on factors like make, model, mileage and comparable local sales. Once you accept payment, the insurer becomes the legal owner of your wrecked vehicle and they take possession. Here’s where it gets interesting though … because 20 to 40% of “totaled” vehicles actually end up getting fixed and sold off to new owners at a decent price. So they may treat your old car like junk, but it isn’t always just getting stripped down for scrap metal.

What to Do With a Car That Has Been Totaled?

Depending on your insurer, you may be able to elect for “owner retention,” which allows you to keep your old totaled car and have the salvage value of your car subtracted from your payout. This is substantial because, like we mentioned above, your vehicle may still have some resale value—or at least valuable intact parts and optional upgrades.

All these factors make it worth more than just the scrap metal price, so choosing to keep and sell a crashed car might actually be the better financial choice … giving you more cash for buying a new car after a total loss.

Calculate Damage of Car After Accident

If you opt for owner retention and are allowed to keep your vehicle, it will typically be towed to your home or property by the insurer. At this point, depending on your state laws, you’ll probably need to file for a salvage title to replace the car’s original title. Salvage titles are used to identify cars that have been written off as a total loss by insurers, making it possible to sell your scrap car for a decent price in the secondary market.

From there, you can choose to take it down to a local junkyard, but that’s not always the ideal decision. Wrecked car buyers are accustomed to paying scrap car prices, and they usually lack the sophistication necessary to evaluate and buy a totaled car that’s still got some value to it.

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How Can I Calculate Replacement Value of My Totaled Car?

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