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No matter what type of car you own or how good you are at taking care of it, a time will come when it is too wrecked to repair, maybe as a result of an accident or when it’s just too old.

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Knowing what to do with it can be a daunting task. Keeping it is not a good option since it will take up space and you don’t want an ugly wrecked car taking up your favorite parking spot. You can try finding someone willing to buy it but it can take months to find a person interested in buying a wrecked vehicle.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars in My Area?

About a decade ago, we noticed something; people were buying millions of cars every year but very few people knew what to do with them once they got totally wrecked. Right there, we knew there was a much needed service, so we created

WeBuyTotaledCars.com to provide a place where anybody could sell their wrecked car quickly and easily and get a good deal. For over a decade now, we have been buying all types of wrecked cars from different parts of the country. Unlike junkyards, we do consider any factors that affect the value of a wrecked car such as its age, make, model, age and the remaining working parts. What our clients love about us is that we are fair, fast and we can come for the car right where you are.

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After you fill out our form, our customer service staff will immediately make you an offer for your crashed car based on the details you give us. If you like our offer, you may arrange for a suitable time for us to come to your home and pick up the wrecked car.

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We usually take 24-48 hours to pick up the vehicle at your desired location. Upon pick up, we will hand you a check for the agreed amount.

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With WeBuyTotaledCars.com, you just have to visit the website, fill out the form, receive a good offer and if you like it, sell your wrecked car and receive payment in a day or two.

We know how to properly value totaled cars. Our wrecked car value calculator is well designed and has been in use for many years. Using it, we always give you a fair price for your wrecked car. Our prices are unmatched by any other buyers of total loss cars.

Who Will Buy My Damaged Car?

One of the major headaches of selling a car with body damage is having to pay for expensive towing fees. With WeBuyTotaledCars.com, you never have to worry about towing fees since we are willing to pick up the vehicle from your location of choice. The whole process can be done without you ever leaving your house.

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