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Getting into a serious accident is never good news. It’s even worse if the damage is beyond repair or your car is left undriveable. Once you ensure the safety of everyone involved, you’re left to wonder “is my car totaled?” or “how am I even going to get to work tomorrow?”

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If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position, it’s important to understand the process and know exactly what to expect. Knowledge can provide serious peace of mind when dealing with the aftermath of a serious collision, so today we’re going to take you through the full timeline—from immediately after an accident to getting back on your feet—so you know exactly what happens when your car is totaled

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As with any major accident, it’s important to contact the authorities and exchange insurance information. You should also document as much as you can, and an insurance adjuster will likely come to you eventually in order to evaluate the vehicle.

A car is considered “totaled” when the expected cost of repairs exceeds the remaining book value of the vehicle. So what makes a car “totaled” will ultimately vary from car to car for each incident. A more expensive car might sustain a serious accident without being considered to be totaled, but a clunker that’s on its last legs could end up totaled after a serious fender-bender.

Only the insurance adjuster will know exactly how to total a car, so you’ll need to wait until you hear from them. Once they confirm that your car is, in fact, totaled, you can start to make plans for the future …

What Can I Do With A Car That Has Been Totaled?

After a car is totaled, the insurer will generally take possession and cut you a check for the remaining value of the car—essentially buying it from you outright instead of offering to pay for the repairs (minus deductible, of course). Sometimes you’ll be able to elect for “owner retention,” in which case you’ll be able to keep the totaled car and its salvage value will be deducted from your payment.

If you can sell your vehicle for more than the salvage value you’re being offered, then this is one of your few chances to come out “ahead” when you’re dealing with a totaled car. So how do you know how much you can get for it? Try our online pricing tool, where you can answer a few quick questions and get a guaranteed, no-obligation quote in just 90 seconds on practically ANY totaled vehicle out there. From cars to pickup trucks, vans and SUV’s, we buy totaled cars and we’ll come to tow yours away for FREE!

Who Will Buy My Totaled Car?

Your car can be totaled by any number of accidents, collisions or major issues — but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Say for example you’ve had a serious frontal collision, but you’ve probably still got valuable intact parts or optional upgrades like leather seats or a working sunroof … all of which can be salvaged from your vehicle and get you more than wrecked car buyers are typically willing to pay.

This is especially important considering the fact that scrap metal prices are hovering just above all-time lows, and local scrap yards are almost overwhelmed with the number of incoming cars they’re seeing. As a result, they’ll often make a lowball offer and tell you to “take a hike” if you don’t accept it. Worse still, they might try to pressure you into selling on the spot with any number of shady sales tactics.

Instead, trust the experts here at WeBuyTotaledCars. We’ve appraised over a million vehicles in the last seven years and earned one of the best reputation in the industry for our no-hassle service and amazing offers. It takes less than two minutes to get your offer, and we’ll come to you within 24-48 hours—meaning you can easily sell your old totaled car without having to leave the comfort of home!

So before you sign off on that final payment for your faithful car, try out our online pricing tool and get to know the alternatives with a free quote today!

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