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If you’ve been involved in a nasty car crash and your car has been totaled as a result, you may be looking for a simple, creative way to get as much money for your totaled car as possible.

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Who Buys Damaged Cars?

When is a car considered a total loss? While you may have presumed that a car is a total loss when it’s so damaged that no longer be driven legally, the truth is that if you’re smart about your decisions, you can still receive at least a few hundred dollars for your wrecked car.

You may be wondering who would be willing to pay several hundred dollars for a crashed car? At WeBuyTotaledCars, our team specializes in acquiring totaled cars, that our team is able to use for parts.

While you may be interested in trying to sell your totaled car for parts yourself, without the contacts that our team has, who purchase many of the parts from the cars which we salvage, you may struggle to find serious buyers for your car parts.

Often individuals who try to sell their car’s online may try visiting their local car yards, to see whether any of the owners are interested in accepting their car as a trade in.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that used car lots never purchase totaled cars as they only accept cars that are in working condition or which require insignificant repairs.

Who Will Buy My Totaled Car for Cash?

An alternative possibility that many individuals consider is selling a totaled car at a junkyard.

However, if your car has been totaled, you probably won’t have much luck selling your car for spare parts and will be simply offered a lump sum for the weight of the metal, which a junkyard may be able to get from your car.

If you’re uncomfortable of the idea of haggling and trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of a frugal junkyard owner, it’s a far better idea selling your totaled car online.

What Places Will Give Me The Best Deal for My Wrecked Vehicle?

By far one of the greatest advantages of selling a crashed car online at WeBuyTotaledCars.com is that you don’t have to worry about having an individual inspect your car, without a prior commitment to purchase your car.

That’s right our team is willing and able to make you a real offer on your totaled car, without seeing your car in person.

If you’re slightly concerned that we’ll rethink our offer when we turn up to your home to pick up your car, there’s no need to fret as we specialize in purchasing totaled cars and will not be put off by the state of your car.

Another huge advantage of selling your car from the comfort of your own home is that you won’t have to organize for your totaled car, which won’t work to be removed from its current position.

As at WeBuyTotaledCars we are prepared to arrange to pick up your totaled vehicle from its address. So you won’t have to worry about forking out for an expensive tow truck to tow your vehicle from its current location.

You may be wondering, roughly how long will you have to wait to have your totaled car removed from your property? If you assumed that it may take several weeks to complete the sale of your wrecked car, you’re wrong.

As in the vast majority of circumstances, we prefer to pick the totaled cars which we have agreed to purchase up as soon as possible and most of the vehicles which we purchase are collected between 24-48 hours of your approval of our cash offer.

Can I Sell My Damaged Car Online?

On the agreed pick up date of your totaled vehicle, you’ll also receive your cash, which means that your entire transaction will be complete within 1-2 days of first visiting WeBuyTotaledCars.

Hopefully, you received the answers that you were looking for and are now clear what happens total loss. Basically, you have two choices claim your gap insurance or try to sell your totaled vehicle for the highest price possible!

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